Aims and Beliefs

Our federation’s fundamental aim is to provide opportunities where all our children can develop the skills that they need to maximise their potential.

‘Keep me safe, make me happy, help me learn’ underpins everything that we do in our federation.


We encourage all our children to achieve their potential by providing them with a curriculum that is accessible for all and by equipping them with skills such as teamwork, integrity, respect and tolerance so that they are prepared for whatever the future may hold.

We celebrate equality and diversity and recognise that all individuals have different skills, strengths and needs.

Both schools adhere to their own special ‘code’ which celebrates achievement and effort.  

At Darley, it is known as the Radley Code and focuses on children displaying the following characteristics:

Friendship, Co-operation, Enjoyment, Determination and Happiness.

At Summerbridge, it is known as the CHAMPs Code and focuses on:

Co-operation, Happy to have a go, Attentiveness, Making the most of mistakes, Persistence

Celebration assemblies take place on a weekly basis and certificates and awards are handed out to those pupils who have demonstrated these characteristics over the course of the previous week.