Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of Frequently Asked Questions which may help you:
1. Can I take my child out of school on holiday during term term?

No parent can demand leave of absence for the purpose of a holiday as of right.  The Education regulations state that applications must be made in advance by a parent with whom the child lives and can only be authorised by the school in special circumstances.  each application is considered individually by the school taking into account factors like the timing of the holiday and the child’s attendance record.  Parents who take their child on holiday in term time without the permission of the school risk being issued with a penalty notice fine. 

2. Can my child have a school lunch one week and a packed lunch the next?

Sadly not.  The kitchen follows a set menu from the Local Authority and Alison orders the right amount of ingredients for each day for each child.  Changing numbers would cause some quite huge logistical problems so iif needed, it is best for children to change from one meal to another termly.  Currently we have over 70% of children enjoying school lunches which is the highest it has ever been! 

3. What time do sharing assemblies begin?

Sharing assemblies begin at 3pm but we suggest that you arrive at about 2.50pm to get a good seat!

4. What time does school start?

Children can arrive and go into their classrooms from 8.40am and school officially starts at 8.55am.

5. Does my child need a change of footwear for playtime?

We recommend that children do bring a change of footwear (old trainers or wellies) for playtimes so they can access the grassy areas around school.  We also suggest waterproof over trousers and a waterproof jacket as we do try and get outside whatever the weather!

6. Can my child wear jewellery for school?

Can we respectfully request that children do not wear jewellery for school?  Stud earrings are acceptable as long as they can be removed for PE lessons.

7. What does "voluntary contribution" actually mean?

This means that school has planned an educational visit which has to be paid for which requires contributions from parents for the visit to take place.  We are legally unable to request payment from parents but are allowed to receive it voluntarily.  If there are insufficient contributions then the visit will be cancelled. 

8. Can my child go to the Radley Club?

Any child in school can attend the Radley Club as long as they have registered with the club prior to their first session.  (See the Radley Club page for further details)

9. Apart from the school staff, who else can give me advice about school?

Louise Porter, our chair of governors is always happy to talk to you about the governance of schools and Mel Browne, as our parent link representative will help you with parental type queries.  

10. Can I buy uniform from school?

No, we do not have uniform in school.  Our uniform can be bought online through APC Clothing