Admissions Information

For school admissions information and access to an electronic application form, please use this link to visit the School Admissions page of the North Yorkshire County Council website.

You can use north Yorkshire County Council interactive maps to find out what catchment area you live in.

For further information please refer to our admissions policy.

Information for Parents

Each year the Local Authority (LA) publishes a guide for parents.  This guide and other essential information can be found online by clicking here  or by contacting the admission team on 01609 533679.

The following information is included in this guide:

  • The criteria used by the LA to allocate school places
  • Arrangements for the admissions of pupils to primary schools including any special or social reasons why a child should be given consideration for allocation to a particular school
  • Details of arrangements that apply to particular schools in North Yorkshire
  • Eligibility for home to school transport
  • The online common application form, as well as how to complete it


North Yorkshire County Council has an early admission policy whereby schools may admit from September of any school year, any child who will be five years old during that school year.

The policy which best suits our schools and meets our needs is to admit rising fives once a year in September. These children would have their birthday between September 1st and August 31st of the current academic year.

The Local Authority sets our admissions policy and allocates places.  Please visit the website below for information on how places are allocated or telephone 01609 533679 for detailed information about admissions.  Each year we set our Pupil Admission Number (PAN).  This is determined by the size of classroom into which new starters will go.  At Darley our PAN is 14 and at Summerbridge it is 12.  Click here to see our Admissions Policy.

Our children are taught in three classes: Reception and Year 1; Year 2 and 3; Year 4, 5 and 6.

Within each class, children may sometimes be taught as a whole class; in groups according to activities or ability and as individuals. The staff carefully plan their teaching according to the National Curriculum, National Literacy Strategy and the National Numeracy Strategy requirements, to ensure a breadth and balance in the curriculum and a progression in learning.

You will receive a Guide for parents from NYCC, Children and Young People’s Service, in the academic year before your child is due to start school. This will tell you all you have to do.  All admissions are now handled online and it is imperative that you submit your application in line with the deadlines set each year by the admissions authority.  If you need help accessing a computer to apply online or you prefer a paper copy of the application either in English or an alternative language / Braille please telephone 01609 532917 or email: